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 Item No.:TR002

4-in-1 Luggage Security Kit - Accepted and Recognized by TSA

The Luggage Security Kit makes you quickly and identify your luggage

The Travel Sentry® logo on the lock and luggage strap help TSA to efficiently screen bags and prevent damage to checked baggage. Each TSA screening location has a secured set of tools with special codes to open locks, and will relock them after inspection

Bright color, durable PVC casing Luggage ID Tag fastens through any strap or loop on luggage

3-Dial Combination TSA Lock® with durable cast zinc-alloyed construction for extra security

TSA Lock® 3-Dial Luggage Strap with durable quick-release buckle secures strap to bag

Provides a travel pouch for easy storage or multi-using

A favorite companion during travel

Available colors: Available colors: Lime Green, Pink Lemonade, Rose Red, Pagoda Blue, Ensign Blue and Black

Packaging: One kit with a travel pouch in a sleeve card
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