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 Item No.:TG001

Universal Plug Adapter

The plug adapter is a pocket-sized power adapter for go-anywhere convenience

Compact, self-contained unit includes the four most common plug configurations fits electric wall outlets in over 150 countries, including most parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Russia

Power Rating: 10 amps Max

Application for voltage 110 / 240

CE Approved

Dimension: 42 x 58 x 52 mm  Weight: 74g

Packaging: One adapter in sealed clamshell blister with illustration card


1. The outlet for people from British, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Macau, etc. 

2. The outlet for people from most of European countries, Australia, Japan and China, etc.

3. UK Plug for people to British, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Macau

4. AUST./NZ Plug for people to Australia, New Zealand, China, Okinawa and Panama, etc.

5. USA Plug for people to USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand and Netherlands, etc.

6. Europe Plug for people to Italy, Germany, France, Russia and Korea, etc.

The adapter is fit with more countries than listed above. Please refer to Electrical Outlet Guide from internet

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