1, customer demand (including provide sample version)
2, our factory initial communication with customers on product materials, technology, price, delivery etc.
3, choose the new love, on the quantity, price, delivery and other custom situation in communication
4, I like making factory client version; both sides confirmed the sample (sample signature / seal)
5, the two sides signed a contract; customer delivery deposit
6, I plant material procurement, open mold, first produced bulk samples and control Customer Signature Edition (sometimes need to be confirmed by the client); I plant QC QC department to the workshop supervision and inspection; customers can also be sent to our factory workshop supervision and inspection; both sides maintain communication and consultation between the two sides need to. All matters resolved timely to reflect and solve the production process
7, our factory in order to complete production but not formally before packing from the date of delivery 2-3 days notice sent to our factory inspection; inspection to sample, adopt the method of sampling inspection
8, customer inspection of products after passing the payment of the balance of payment, I plant to assist customers to handle freight procedures, including customs clearance, shipping, etc.; customers can also send their own car to my factory to take delivery of goods
9, the order delivery within 7-15 days, our customer service staff will visit the customer, on the order delivery situation to communicate, strengthen and consolidate the bilateral cooperation.

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