Often look down



People usually view of the world, can be divided into three kinds, look up, look up.
Look, is the most normal and the most comfortable vision, from the quiet ordinary heart, contains a mature and confident, be neither humble nor pushy, impatient, conducive to steadily forward, not easy wrestling accident. Looking up, is the angle to look bigger than we and the eye, the so-called extend great admiration. Often look up from the good, let us know Knowledge is infinite., someone outside the person, learn model, than the benchmark, not as a side effect from the point of view, overbearing; looking for a long time, not only the neck ache, often will let our heart inferiority, feel oneself is very small, not everything everywhere in general, in a depressed state.
Looking down, "list of small hills," is used to look at the people and things that are lower than our point of view. Some achievements as we, as we known, as our social status, so, when they turned, eyes tinged with contempt, snobbish have mercy. Most of the time, we often ignore them, pay no attention to it, because we envious eyes staring at those higher than our success, busy and wealthy celebrities, comparison level, look with envy than sad, exhausted.
From the nature point of view, generally speaking, young people love looking up, "a boy's when the cloud", in their eyes, few can see the people, only those famous famous giant will enter their field of vision. As Liu Bang saw Qin Shihuang, to say "when her husband is more than he was," the cow: "he can be replaced." Middle aged, calm the mind, sharp convergence, is not easy to know the world, will gradually look flat, neither too fast nor too slow to walk on the road, to everything in good order and well arranged toward his goal. Enter the old, reading countless people have experienced years of wind and frost, "used to see the autumn moon and spring breeze", no longer love, achieve success and win recognition plus a scene of debauchery, waist, back bent, blurred vision, nature is not natural to put up a habit.
Of course, vary from person to person, and some people are looking at life, life is aiming at a higher goal. He may live a pomp, very bright, but certainly live very tired, very hasty, just a rattling, but it was too late to visit the scenery, enjoy life, in fact, his life is also very wronged. So, when we look up too tired, may wish to look down, look at those people living in the bottom of society, although they are the same as us, but the degree lower than ours, the income of less than us, the house is smaller than us, we work as decent social status was inferior to the US, always unknown to the public. In front of them, we often have a sense of superiority, usually very little to look at some a contemptuous disregard, to them.
In fact, their survival wisdom and social value is not lower than ours, their contribution and labour is not less than us, we have no reason to be proud of what the superior. Moreover, often contact with them, there will be unexpected gains. If a white-collar workplace fought in the market competition was mentally and physically exhausted, fight at outrance, using respite occasion, look down at the street cobbler, garage, street peddler, picking up small Han, you will feel that you even take ten steps, one hundred steps, than his high standard of living, why it should go to those things get awfully?
By extension, an official is not smooth career heights and distress, may wish to look down at the people's day, come back to their home, listen to what they have difficulties, what is expected; a money earned for hand pain but still make more money and anxiety can also descend to the boss staff sit at home, look at what they are thinking, why bother; a plan and the brains of the generals, may sneak into the soldier's big tent around, listen to their ideas and suggestions will be worthwhile. Often look down, may let us change the way of thinking, it may make us impetuous soul get comfort, will make us crazy desire to be cooled, becomes a mentally normal person, not a money machine, a career and a madman, hack.
Often look down at the rest, but also to relax, but also is charging decompression, is wise.

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