The best reward for the open-minded life



Because you want to eat boiled corn, a man walked slowly to the supermarket. On the way through the park, I saw a lot of people flying kites, could not help but stop to walk and walk into the park.
In the park, there are many selling kites and kite flying people, of course, flower, selling lanterns, selling paintings, selling a variety of snacks and Tomatoes on sticks...... People are hurrying to and fro. bustling, here, only a year, can feel the taste, feel the breath of spring.
The park stalls sell Goldfish by several, I have seen a new home, suddenly thought of a pot of bamboo, just in the transparent bottle, support two small goldfish.
When I was about to go when the boss asked me to fish food, I thought of the goldfish, but also to eat. Think of those who have a goldfish, because eating and killed, is some regret, but the goldfish has paid the money, I can only take.
To the supermarket to buy a boiled corn, go all the way home. When passing the river, I put the goldfish released into the river. When I got home, the two girls were playing computer, see me, my little daughter asked:
"Mom, why do you come back so late?"
"I bought two small goldfish to the river to go."
"The release? Goldfish? Mom, are you okay? The goldfish is not released, they are the ornamental fish artificial training, to the natural river, is mortal!"
"Sensational!" I do not believe that sitting in front of the computer to check the internet. Really like the daughter said, goldfish is not released. Heart can not say what it is, if I am not a good intention, the goldfish may live a few days, that is good, maybe one day she died.
Then I said to her daughter when I released goldfish, also think there will be one day, I went to the river to play, the river is full of small red goldfish.
"Mom, there was such a story, that is the Second World War, when a little girl in a hurry to escape, to feed the goldfish, released into the water to. After World War II when she returned to her hometown, the river is full of small goldfish, and destitute of the little girl, to sell goldfish for a living."
"A little kindness you inadvertently, it will bring you a lot of surprise, this story."
In fact, this story would like to say is a kind of open-minded attitude towards life, the river is full of small red goldfish, is the best way to repay the life of the open-minded!"
"The best reward for the life of the open-minded?"
The teacher said "yes, good deeds, is unrequited, and open-minded attitude towards life, is must return, and the return, must also be surprisingly generous!"
"What is an open-minded attitude towards life? Did your teacher tell you?"
"No, but I think the so-called open-minded, no matter what situation you are in, the heart is always full of hope!"
The conversation ended, but I was sitting in front of the computer, lost in thought.

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